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Never to be underestimated, intelligent design of your storage space can make a huge difference to how your kitchen compliments your lifestyle for years to come, whether it applies to a full room design or an individual signature piece.

Our storage solutions are hand-picked from leading high end premium brands such as Nolte Kitchens, Aisling, Blum, Kessebohmer, WESCO and PEKA, so when it comes to choosing the perfect solution to compliment your unique space, our myriad of stylish choices are guaranteed to meet your highest expectations.

Storage Inspiration

The LIBELL Fluid II Corner System is a well-engineered corner cupboard solution. Peka's unique swivelling carousel system allows Fluid II's movement to be perfectly balanced, making it a real pleasure to use.

The Fioro Magic Corner makes great use of space that would otherwise be wasted. PEKA's smart Magic Corner frame design allows the contents of the rear Fioro shelves to be easily accessed from the front of the cabinet.

The Magic Corner Comfort LIBELL by PEKA shown here in Anthracite has unbelievable Swiss quality, design and motion. It features rear sliding shelves for even better access and a standard hinged door for ease of use. It is compatible with push to open technologies.

The LIBELL Pleno Pantry Larder Pull-Out has abundant storage space and solid functional linear design, Libell shelves are the perfect solution for clever storage. The solid steel base prevents stored items from falling out/over, while their sleek design ensures that every last inch of space is well utilised.

A Blum Space Tower provides a stylish housed storage space for food such as pasta and sauces.

Finished in Orion Grey, the Blum Space Tower (Slim) has four deep drawers and is an ingenious storage solution. Perfect for today's multifunctional kitchens and smaller, urban living spaces.

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